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Call Center Services

  • • Inbound support
  • • Outbound telemarketing
  • • Chat support
  • • Technical support
  • • Helpdesk support
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Product Development

  • • Customized software development
  • • Mobile application development
  • • Automated billing system
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Business Models

  • • Offshore staff leasing
  • • Offshore project Outsourcing
  • • Joint venture
  • • Build-Operate-Transfer
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Company Overview

MySnS is your perfect global business partner. Our goal is to help companies improve and increase revenues through outsourcing. With our automated system, we customize all your business requirements from beginning to end. That is why we are known as,“Your Virtual Company.”

MySnS was founded in 2004 at Minneapolis, Minnesota to provide automated LEC telephone and credit card front and back end billing process. The company makes use of an Internet based Supply Chain Management System called ECX which is designed to automatically track and control all aspects of the business process from marketing, to task-management processing, billing, customer support, administering accounts receivables and more.

MySnS is a leading contact center company that has built its success in ensuring the company remains innovative and flexible when providing outsourcing solutions to any industry. Aside from contact center services, MySnS also has expertise in software development and various mobile application developments.

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